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Healthcare Directory Services

We have the most comprehensive database of healthcare service providers across select cities. The data captured includes information around specialist centers and packaged / customized medical interventions along with consultant and pricing information.

Registering with our organization ensures immediate visibility to hundreds of patients / service providers across the world and is the most cost effective way to promote your business.

The registered providers are provided with a sub site on our consumer portal and a presence in the physical directory of such providers for that city.

Solutions for self help groups

At Echikitsa we strongly believe that one and one makes eleven !
There is a lot of knowledge that resides amongst various patients / healthcare providers / care givers to patients and this knowledge base needs to be tapped into for the benefit of all.

We are making a humble attempt in trying to provide a platform where this information can be shared and we believe that this would be most comprehensive repertoire of knowledge.

We offer a subsite with a community platform for the groups to manage their memberships online and offer various value added services to their members, ranging from discount offers at various provider organizations to a facility to chat with a doctor.

Industry Updates