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About us

eChikitsa is a healthcare company founded to transform how healthcare services are delivered by creating a network of patients / caregivers / healthcare professionals we are devising a mechanism for better, efficient and cheaper delivery of healthcare services.

The company is led by professional entrepreneurs from IITs and IIMs who have successful track record of running large and high growth companies. The core team consists of qualified senior doctors in various organizations and professional from fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals and IT. Together the core team nicely blends the expertise of Healthcare, Pharma, IT , Consumer services and Enterprise management.

Our Vision:

  •  “Creating an ecosystem of healthcare providers and consumers to deliver faster, cheaper and reliable healthcare solutions for all.”
  • By Leveraging technology to reduce the need for in person intervention  and the overall cost of medical intervention
  • By Bringing transparency in healthcare sector by providing robust platforms for better sharing of healthcare information and resources
  • By enabling better discovery of pricing within the ecosystem
  • By leveraging the shared pool of knowledge of the consumers as well as healthcare providers

Our Values:

At Echikitsa we believe in a set of values which will ensure that we are not digressing from the vision that we have set for ourselves and we are proud for what we have set out to achieve.

Respect for an Individual : At Echiktsa we believe that irrespective of the background, economic or social standing every individual is important  and deserves the best . Hence  all our offerings are designed after   understanding the needs of the customer (be it a healthcare services seeker or provider)  and for the best interest of all.

Respect for Privacy : Health data is a personal property and we shall do our best to ensure that it remains ONLY with those who need it in order to help us achieve our mission of “making reliable healthcare information accessible to all”. This respect for privacy would be extended to our partners / employees and anyone associated with us.

Why are we doing what we are doing?

We are committed to making healthcare accessible and  reachable to the consumers at large at the cheapest possible cost. By connecting the various players in the healthcare segment and leveraging the combined knowledge pool for the benefit of all . We wish to transform how people approach their overall health and wellness. By putting individuals in control of their own healthcare. Through its various initiatives echikitsa would be enabling individuals to make informed choices, as per their convenience and have control over their individual healthcare decisions.

Yes ...information technology now provides us a chance to attempt the same.  But of course technology can only be an enabler, finally it requires a concerted effort from a group of dedicated professionals cutting across technology and medical domains to make this happen.


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